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Address & Contact

For further questions please contact us at info@ruanda-stiftung.com

Postal address
Ruanda Stiftung
Deutschhof 13
76889 Kapellen-Drusweiler (Germany)

Watch our videos on Youtube: www.youtube.com/ruandastiftung

If you want to make a donation, please use the following bank account:
Bank Name: Sparkasse Südliche Weinstraße
Sort code: 548 500 10 | Account N°: 1700 159 799
IBAN: DE 65 5485 0010 1700 1597 99

Contact Person

Christian Schleuning
Contact persons in Germany

Nathanael Bukanda
Project management in Rwanda
Languages: French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, English

About Us & Objectives

The Ruanda Stiftung (Rwanda Foundation) is a recognized registered and non-profit foundation under the supervision of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. Registered since September 2007.

The foundation was established with the aim of improving the living conditions of poor children in Africa on a sustainable basis and to stimulate entrepreneurship for self-development of society. Ruanda Stiftung focuses it's special attention on projects that inure to the benefit of socially disadvantaged children like orphans, street kids, disabled, children with a disease or children seriously affected by poverty. The school and secondary education is just as important as basic medical care and the supply of food, clothing and shelter. 

Ruanda Stiftung works closely together with the Partnership Rhineland-Palatinate. The state itself is keeping a close partnership with Rwanda for over 25 years now. Ruanda Stiftung is cooperating with the charitable association of the partnership, the  "Rheinland-Pfalz-Ruanda e.V.", known in Rwanda as "Jumelage" (www.rlp-ruanda.de) in a variety of projects.


Ruanda Stiftung operates on the principle "Help to self-help" by strengthening, for example, the individual initiative of families as long as they can help themselves. The measures range from the allocation of animals to repayable micro-credits for small-scale entrepreneurs.

The foundation is working closely with local partners on all projects, such as local organizations, schools, religious institutions, groups or individuals and are involved in all stages of the project. They contribute actively to the success of the projects on their own responsibility.  


Ruanda Stiftung is working in the following areas:

- animal husbandry for indigent families
- building operations in primary schools with the purpose to improve school and health conditions (for example latrines, cisterns, renovation of class rooms)
- new buildings (for example centre for handicapped children, day-nursery)
- health insurance for indigent children
- mirco credits for small-scale entrepreneurs  
- school gardens in primary schools
- workshops and information material for the recipients
- equipement for primary schools and institutions (for example cupboards and shelving, sport equipement)
- solar projects in primary schools and institutions